Dining Out: Boca

Dining Out: Boca

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a dinner date out, and being foodies, we had to get one on the calendar. We scheduled a night at Boca, the very popular restaurant located downtown in Cincinnati after it was recommended to us from a hundred different people. Like all engagements we design wholly around food, we went around the menu, ordering from each course, and spent a good part of 2.5 hours there. Even our waiter gave us the thumbs up, telling us “we did it right.” We had plenty of things to celebrate, including a new opportunity for me (more on that later), and of course, the addition to our family. It was an excellent evening.

Since I’m a foodie, I’m going to talk about the meal we had in some detail. I’ve never written a piece of restaurant criticism, so this sounds fun to try on the blog. Next time though I promise to take more pictures (I get self conscious taking pictures of my food but I’ll suck it up next time). Also, spoiler alerts here! If you’re like me and want to be surprised when the dish comes out, stop reading and book a reservation to Boca now. If not, read ahead.


We tend to order cocktails when we go out. Our feelings are that they’re too fussy to have all the ingredients at home to make, so we go straight to the mixed drinks menu if that restaurant has a reputation for good ones. She ordered the Domino Effect. She was attracted to it because it used New Riff Wild Gin made here in Northern Kentucky. She loved it. I ordered the Bottled Old Fashioned (OK, a couple of them). I love a good Old Fashioned and with Bulleit Rye this drink was everything I hoped it would be. Other than that, I ordered my go to Oregonian Pinot with dinner.


We shared the Pommes Soufflees “1949” and it was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever eaten. I had no idea what to expect before it came out, but I’ve never had a souffl√© before so I was curious. This dish is basically a puffed up french fry you dip in lemon butter sauce. Supposedly it is one of the most labor intensive items they make, as well as one of the most popular. I have since found a video explaining how to make them, but when I first laid eyes on them I was baffled on how they got their shape. We also got warm slices of Blue Oven bread, which comes from a very good local bakery, and that was very good. We made a pact to get down to Findlay Market and buy some more of it.


I ordered the Summer Bean which is a bean salad with ricotta and egg yolk. It was decent. I really like beans so I wanted to give it a try. The texture of the sauce on the beans, believe it or not, reminded me of tuna salad. She ordered the Scallop and Brussels Sprouts.¬†She gave me a bite and it was amazing. She definitely won this round. I’ll order that dish the next time we come.


We both ordered the Corn Elote, which are basically little raviolis in a light sauce with sweet corn inside. It was freaking amazing. Supposedly this dish started as a seasonal play on roasted Mexican sweet corn, but is has been so popular they’ve kept it on the menu. I would definitely order this again.

Land and Sea

This is where her and I strayed. I got the Branzino a la Plancha because I’ve never had that type of fish before. It was very good. They cooked it perfectly and the bouillabaisse sauce they poured around it was very flavorful. She got the Amish Chicken, which came with risotto and was dunked in black truffle. I love truffle, so I’d order what she had if we came back. She gave it high regards as well.


Since they have a new pastry chef we had to order desserts! With our espressos I ordered the Lemon Verbana Custard, which is something this new chef added to the menu. I liked it a lot (that’s the photo I’ve made as the “Featured Image”). It’s literally the only food photo I took. She ordered the Chocolate Terrine and liked it as well.

So, I don’t really have a scoring system for restaurants yet, and we don’t plan on going out so much that we’ll need one, so I’m just going to give this the “JGR Award for Dining Excellence” for the month of August. Congrats!

My wonderful dinner date