Various Questions To Contemplate

Various Questions To Contemplate

Here are some key questions I think need to be answered given the current trends in our world.


Is the recent run up in technology due to an increase in available engineers and are we only seeing the beginning of a new trend in advancement?

Is Apple on its way to becoming a financial giant?

How overpriced is Tesla stock given the company’s inability to generate income?

Will 5G collapse any final barriers to the dissemination of artificial intelligence to handheld devices?


Is the Democratic party doing anything to move the needle in the 2020 elections?

Is an “America First” policy actually reducing America’s global power by forcing other nations to move away from American technology and business standards?

Will Congress do anything about the immigration crisis?

Can the United States thwart a cyber attack that is meant to cripple its internal power and supply chains?


What is the impact of wealth inequality relative to the appeal of socialism in the United States of America?

Are there greater forces at work that are throttling inflation?

Will stock buybacks continue through the next year and what effect will that have in the market for smaller investors?

What is the future of wage growth if unemployment remains at its current rate?


What are the best strategies for parenting in today’s age?

What role does technology play in a child’s development, either negatively or positively?

Is “helicopter parenting” that bad given the consequences of failure and the extreme benefits of success for our next generation of adults?

What can we do to address the prospect that boys are falling behind in college admissions?