St. Elizabeth Triathlon Sprint 2019 Check In

St. Elizabeth Triathlon Sprint 2019 Check In

It’s been roughly thirty days since my last post on the subject of my preparation for the 2019 St. Elizabeth Triathlon. Things are going OK. I have a webpage on my iPhone that I refresh that counts down the days to the event so I’m staying on top of the urgency of it all. I keep telling myself that the more I train the less likely I’ll be to have a heart attack on the course.

I’ve been working out at lunch time and after work. I’ve been doing a spinning class once a week and elliptical almost every day. I am at a disadvantage with swimming because the pool at the gym has been closed for three weeks due to broken light fixture. I really need them to get this repaired soon.

I’ve lined out a circuit near home that will give me a 20km ride and I’m hoping for a non-rainy weekend to give it a try. I’ve also started planning my workouts in a more disciplined fashion so I can stay on top of them. My clothes are fitting better but the scale has not budged.

I have a feeling I’ll need more time to workout. 45 minute sessions aren’t cutting it, I’ll probably need to get to 90. This means working out in the mornings instead. This will at least get me around some of these really long workdays as well. Since my wife is home for the summer I can pull the trigger on this now.

I’ll check back in a few weeks to update on my progress.