St. Elizabeth Triathlon Sprint 2019 – 25 Days To Go

St. Elizabeth Triathlon Sprint 2019 – 25 Days To Go

Here’s an update since a few weeks back on my progress for the 2019 St. Elizabeth Triathlon. I’ve made some huge progress with a few minor setbacks. First off, moving my workouts to the morning was a great idea. I’m currently switching off between running at home/spinning in the basement and swimming/cardio machines at our family gym. I’ve pushed my workouts up to 60 minutes, although I had hoped I’d be at 90 at this point. Next week I’m off work and hoping for some major training time and gains.

Eating has been OK. I’m focusing on more vegetables now for dinner and concentrating on the anti-inflammatory diet in hopes that my joints won’t be so sore. This has helped. I’ve noticed though that my weight is still constant but all my clothes fit better. I’m actually wearing shirts I couldn’t fit into over the last few years. Training with all this weight though has impeded my progress. I could lose 50 pounds and still have a ways to go.

Setbacks, besides losing training time to a sore that developed inside my thigh (my guess is from the gym’s spinning bikes) include the shittiest of all luck: trashing my bike mechanically. Right now it’s in the shop so they can pry the chain out of the gears. This requires someone besides me who actually knows something about removing the assembly. They’ll also tune it and work out a wobble I have in the back wheel, although I have a strong suspicion they’ll tell me the rim is bent. They are behind on work, so I won’t have it for my week off. I was hoping to get some more rides in, but it looks like I’ll be inside instead. This is sad because I rode the circuit near my house and it was awesome. I really wanted to do it again this Saturday.

My spinning bike at home is also trashed, so I’m now entirely dependent on my morning runs and using gym equipment. I’m getting my swims in at 5:30 AM, and this is wearing me out later in the day. By two I’m ready for a nap. Strangely enough, I do feel less stressed out during the day and able to think more clearly. It’s been pretty good for me. I’ve also taken the chance to meditate more using a HeadSpace app, so I’m attacking any mental block that might hamper my progress.

I have 25 days to go and right now I’m at half distance. Most of this is mental, so getting some longer workouts in and getting past the mental fatigue is the last step. I still hope to make my time reduction goal, but this will be entirely dependent on the progress I make next week. Nutrition also needs to continue to improve.

What has really surprised me is the amount of effort it’s taken to shift these habits. I really thought I’d snap my finger and get going, but I’ve had to ramp up longer than what I had hoped. At least I’m making progress, but the clock is ticking.