Project: Upgrading Our Streaming Devices

Project: Upgrading Our Streaming Devices

Streaming media in the home and having on-demand thousands of hours of television and movies is the one thing I wish I had when I was younger. Back then we counted on a trip to a local rental place to get a handful of videos that we’d watch over and over again before they were due back. As a bachelor I had a mail in subscription to Blockbuster, which had a great deal that allowed you one movie by mail and let you return it to a local store. If I timed it right I could get three a week. At the store I’d usually buy a few preowned DVDs to add to my collection and watch those over and over again too. Of course this was great for movies, but binge watching a season of television was out of the question as buying them on disc was prohibitively expensive.

I couldn’t imagine having the time back then to devote now to streaming media. Between Disney+, Prime, Hulu, HBO, and Netflix not to forget the abundance of streaming available on WWE, NBA, NBC Sports, and ESPN +, what’s available is immeasurable. I always see people comment on social media about running out of things to watch and I’m completely dumbfounded. You have no idea how lucky you are nor how little effort you’re putting into taking advantage of what’s available.

One of the downfalls of streaming is the device because of how quickly they age. We were early adopters on both the Fire TV and Chromecast, and it was clear that both of them needed replacement. After a lot of deliberation we decided to upgrade the Chromecast to an Ultra and upgrade our old Amazon device to Fire TV Cube.


Fire TV Cube.

The voice activated Alexa functionality is pretty cool. Our old Fire TV device allowed you to speak into the controller, as this one does as well, but being able to tell Alexa without the remote seems pretty futuristic. Adding this to a 55 inch Samsung Smart TV and Yamaha sound bar has made for a pretty decent setup. It’s much faster than our old device and crashes less often. This was a good buy.

Google Chromecast Ulltra

After we purchased a new living room TV and moved the old one to our bedroom we needed a way to cast from our phones so we could watch things in bed. I was getting pretty frustrated that we were always watching programs for the boys on the weekend when I just wanted to sneak out and watch a game or something without hearing them complain non-stop. I had always had a one TV rule but that didn’t make sense given that we have iPhones, iPads, and laptops. With a TV in the bedroom we could also watch in the evenings without worrying about waking them up. It’s been a good buy as this device is pretty fast and allows for quick casting.