JGR Linked In Profile Pic
JGR Linked In Profile Pic

Who I Am

I am a proud father of two wonderful boys and husband to a wonderful wife. I live in a great place surrounded by great people. I enjoy what I do and appreciate who I do it with. I push myself to always do better and I hope I spend this life continually learning and challenging myself.

Why I Blog

If your life isn’t worth writing about, what is the point? Although I am far from ever being rich and famous, I do celebrate my little world and I give great gratitude for what I’ve accomplished and the people in my life. I hope I can leave a digital record my children and grandchildren can use to understand my life and how I saw the world. I also hope to read it when I am older and can’t remember things too well. I also believe writing is the best way to practice the art of communication by organizing your thoughts and making your point. Finally, it gives me the opportunity to play with technical tools I normally don’t encounter.

What I Do Professionally

Conversion Engineer – I currently work in the legal tech industry on-boarding new clients onto our software platform. I specifically concentrate on converting data from legacy databases so they can transition to our system but keep all of their historical data.

Past Roles – Most of my past roles revolve work in analyst type roles. I worked in budgeting for a hospital network where I estimated net revenue collections and performed planning for fixed departments including marketing and supply chain. I was an assistant controller for an HVAC company where I did budgeting and periodic close. I also worked as a financial analyst for a manufacturer, specifically in their financial reporting at the division level. I have a wide range of industry experience. The path I took isn’t one I’d recommend to anyone, although it gave me a lot of exposure to different industries and ways of doing business and it did get me to where I am now.

What I Do Voluntarily

Boy Scouts Of America – I currently serve as Assistant Pack Leader and Wolf Den Leader for Pack 808.

Independence Soccer Club – I coach a U4 and U8 soccer team. I actually find this particularly rewarding.

Dutchman’s Rod And Gun Club – I am a current member in good standing and former Director of Membership.

Northern Kentucky Fly Fisher – I am a current member, past President, Vice President, Educator, and Kentucky Fly Fisher of the Year (2012).

What I Do On My Free Time

Fly Fishing – My first love. I enjoy tying flies, building rods, planning trips, and teaching others about the sport.

Trap Shooting – A new enjoyment for me. This is the one competitive thing I get to do in my free time.

Video Games – I love PC gaming on my custom rig. My favorite games are RPGs.

Comics – I am a big fan of digital comics, specifically DC, and I read these whenever I get a chance. Batman Forever.