Bockfest 2019

Bockfest 2019

Bockfest has come and gone yet again. I have posted about the event on the blog before, and this year we saw some great developments. Most importantly, the signage for the OTR Brewery Trail has been completed. Raising money has been the focus of my volunteering for this event over the last few years (I believe this is my 8th) and that labor has finally born fruit. I only made up a tiny part of the endeavor, but I’m glad to have done something for the community. It was also inspiring to watch others come together and pour their talents into the project. I offer a warm congratulations to the fantastic people who have made this dream a reality. Cincinnati has so much history, and this will do much to celebrate it. I got to learn a ton more about it through this process.

As far as my part as a guide on the Prohibition Tour, I was able to show off the new street exhibits to about 40 people. Our main focus was on the Hudepohl bottling plant and cellars. Again we climbed those steep stairs up the top floor and then all the way back down to the cold, damp lagering vaults underneath the parking lot. It was a hit with our group, who did not realize all of the history in the area.

I am glad to confirm that the beer back at Bockfest Hall was especially good. The Schoenling Bock always qualifies as my favorite with it’s malty, dark body and high alcohol content. My second pick is the lighter Christian Moerlein Festival Bock, a more sessionable beer that pairs well with food. Speaking of food, I ate one of the best brats I’ve ever had that was covered in warm, sweet saurkraut. After a few beers I sat and listened to a lecture by a group of amateur historians who dug deep into the history of women in local brewing during the pre-Prohibition days. They were fantastic speakers and did a lot of great research into their respective subjects.

I will keep my options open for next year. Now that the Brewery Trail is complete I might instead run the Hudy 10k, which is the famous pre-Bockfest race event. Maybe I’ll go on a tour and bring my wife too, who never gets to go with me. It would be a fun date day. Until then, thanks for reading!