Kinetic Bike Trainer

Kinetic Bike Trainer

In an effort to continue training for triathlons, we decided to add a bike trainer to our exercise equipment collection. We did have a spinning bike that I bought on Craigslist a few years ago but it bit the dust and I trashed it. Nonetheless, we needed something at home to use when it’s raining outside, as it seems to do most of the year here anymore.

I liked the idea of having a bike trainer because we can pull it out whenever we want to and use our own bikes. I was a little nervous at first because I thought it meant having to make more adjustments to the bike since I’d be on it more, but that’s probably not as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be. The only real change I had to make was swapping out the back axle rod for a custom one that works with the trainer mounts. Cost wise it’s much cheaper to go this route than buy a full on spinning bike that won’t fall apart through overuse.

The device itself works by adding friction to your back wheel as you pedal faster. Energy is created through your pedaling, or “kinetic” energy, and you’ll need to stay on the big chain to generate enough to get it to work . A small sensor powered by a watch battery is on the apparatus and updates an app on your phone that lets you monitor your workout and adjust resistance. A separately sold mount for the front wheel keeps it pretty stable. It’s actually pretty fun to use.

If we do anything differently it will be to use a second party app that the bike trainer works with, probably Zwift. I am hearing good things about it from the bike racing community and it might be a fun training addition. Other than that, popping our bikes out and hanging it on the wall and out of the way when we’re not using it has been pretty handy.