Cincinnati Zoo March 2018

Cincinnati Zoo March 2018

One thing you’ll find here is that I love the Cincinnati Zoo. I decided to share my love of zoos and filming wildlife by loading up a video on YouTube, my first one ever of this sort, showing our weekend visit to the Cincinnati Zoo. Given that March has continued being of the exceptionally cold and prolonged winter weather that’s not indicative of our area, our cabin fever has been reaching frenzied levels as we’ve been stuck indoors. Luckily this past Sunday the weather looked to be sunny and crossing into the 50’s, so we decided to get outside and do something fun. Since we are Cincinnati Zoo members, we decided to venture across the Ohio River to see if any of the animals were out and about. We were not disappointed to see a few of the creatures out sunning themselves.

Overall the video uploading process was fuss free. I used iMovie on my iPad to stitch together the scenes and one of that program’s stock audio backgrounds to accompany it. There’s a feature that lets you adjust the sound levels in that program, so you can overlay on top of the ambient noises or cover them over altogether. I chose a 50/50 mix so you could hear some of the animals and the murmur of people close by. I was pleasantly surprised to hear my son talking in almost every one of them, which is par for the course given that he is a little chatter box. Although there is better editing software and techniques to use, I got by pretty easily with my stock options.

I think I’m going to make a few more videos like this, because although I love shooting with my DSLR and loading those up into Instagram etc., having video makes the memories come alive. This year we’re planning more trips to the Cincinnati Zoo, as well as the incredible Columbus Zoo, and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay.

Thanks for watching!