Cincinnati Zoo June 2018

Cincinnati Zoo June 2018

Time for our monthly trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was just the three of us as we thought Teddy needed some alone time with us given the baby’s arrival. During this visit we noted that the African Painted Dogs were for once closer to the viewing window. Typically they are against the far end of the enclosure, but given that we were there early (members get an hour early admission), and it was cooler outside, we were treated to a very active pack. In fact, many of the other animals were active too. The morning times are the best times to visit. By the afternoon, when heat has kind of zapped the animals and they seem a little tired of being around people, you notice a lot more sluggishness. However, in the morning, they are up and at ’em.

One of the other advantages of an early admission are the educational events. I think Ted has petted a half dozen snakes. He’s getting pretty good at it. We’ve also seen turtles and birds too.

I have begun to really appreciate the botanical aspect of the zoo. I’ve learned a lot about matching colors and layering plants, and that might be something we try at the house next year. It was neat to see what they chose after Zoo Blooms, now that tulip season has passed. Purples and blues seem to be a theme this year. I’d like to see more tags on the trees around the park, especially around the parking lot on the walk in, where they have a lot of specimens I’m not familiar with on display.

Check back again as we visit in July!

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Painted dogs cluster together at the Cincinnati Zoo
Painted dogs finally close enough to view
boy pets snake outside Reptile House at Cincinnati Zoo
Ted petting a snake near the Reptile House
summer flowers at the Cincinnati Zoo are very colorful
More flowers on display, I like the color matching
summer flowers at the Cincinnati Zoo are very colorful
Summer flowers at the Zoo on display