2019 New Years Projelutions

2019 New Years Projelutions

I have written on this blog before that I tend to save resolutions for birthdays rather than the changing of calendar years because they’re more important for me. Turning 40 left with me with having met a lot of my goals that I set the previous year so I decided not to set any new ones, but rather continue working on what I had by pushing them further. My feelings are that the progress I made in meeting them is just the tipping point. For example, I want to pour more resources into my career and begin managing it as much as I manage my hobbies and personal priorities. That’s had a profound effect on my life so far. However, one goal has been elusive and that is the improvement of my health. That is something I will transfer to a resolution. But because I take a project focus to everything I do, I’m going to coin a new phrase. Let’s call it “projelutions.”


Being 40 so far has been a whirlwind of long days and trying to stay on track. Three weeks before turning 40 I found myself in the midst of changing careers and leaving a job that had just wound down its busy season. I had interviews to prepare for and demands from my existing employer to finish budget reports. This meant the time I needed to get planning for the next year was not going to be readily available since I was basically keeping my foot on the accelerator. The week I turned 40 presented a challenge as my wife went back to work after maternity leave. From here I had to remap my routine to get two kids into daycare. I had a new commute to figure out, new coworkers to meet, and a whole new toolset to learn since I had basically changed careers while taking an advancement.

Honestly, if you had asked me earlier in the year what I had planned for the big 4-0 it probably involved throwing a party, not what I ended up doing, which was trying to keep my head from falling off my shoulders. I caught a lot of flack for not doing anything to celebrate but when opportunity knocks, your choice is to answer the door or ignore it. Alas, I’m going to get something out of it. My plan is to use the money I had planned for the party to purchase a very expensive trap shotgun and learn how to shoot clay targets at a private outdoorsmen’s club I’ve joined.

New Focus

Now, back to my health. Previously my workplace was minutes away from my gym. I could workout during lunch, but that’s not a thing anymore. I could also stop there on the way home, but the new job is not as convenient. I also did six months of calorie counting and weight tracking and found I eat on average 3200 calories a day. Sounds like a lot? Well, it is very much. If it weren’t that I was so active I’d probably weigh 100 pounds more than I do now. My feelings are that I should be a hundred pounds lighter than what I am, which is also concurrent with my doctor’s advice. I’m glad I did this exercise, because you can only manage what you measure.

Every goal needs hard numbers to track progress. I want better bloodwork results and cardio health and I can measure that easily. I also want to keep up with my sons now that they’re starting sports. And, let’s not forget I am bumping my triathlon to an Olympic this year so I will actually have to prepare for it. Anyone, and I’m not trying to diminish anyone, can finish a Sprint Triathlon through sheer will (I did). But, you must possess some kind of moderately advanced fitness level to get through an Olympic within the allowable time window.

So that’s the “projelution”. Given all of these approaches to changing my health, I’ve created a multi-faceted and concrete way to bolster my resolve to accomplish my goals. Wish me good luck.