Birthday Introspective

Birthday Introspective

I found turning forty to not be as scary as many people said it would be. In fact I embraced it with open arms. Maybe it’s because I’m in such a good place now in my life. Turning thirty was much more pivotal for me. It kicked off an explosive period of personal growth that enabled me to meet my wife, start a family, and make some big career moves later on down the road. In the last decade I’ve grown so much that I’d be unrecognizable to my earlier self. A lot of this I try to share in this blog as I continue figuring it out.

In fact, writing has become a true catalyst for the type of change I craved back then. What I value, how I think, what I do, is all different now. When you harness your curiosity with deep learning and constant introspection you go places in your mind you didn’t know you could find. When you combine a tremendous amount of effort and a commitment to being the best version of yourself you push boundaries and create opportunities that you didn’t know were possible. Leading a worthy life involves creating a set of values and character strengths that are hard to discern but worth the work. Is it hard to figure these things out as an adult? No, everyone has the ability to do so, they just have to dedicate themselves to a process that can discern them in a way that makes sense and speaks to them as an individual.

If I were to give my younger self advice it would be this; you have to craft a vision for your life that resonates with you and find a way to harness your time and energy to get you to that place. I was never afraid to set lofty goals for myself, but I didn’t have the tools needed to accomplish them. Now I do. When I look back I had a lot of personal drive to improve my life, but it really wasn’t until I met my wife and started a family that things started taking shape. My wife is strong where I am weak and I rely on her a lot to help me be better.

The next year will be interesting, but I really hope to build on what I’ve accomplished more than completely chart new territories. I’ve attained many of my goals but feel like I can probably shoot for more. I was lucky that I didn’t experience anything overly tragic or life shattering this last year. I am healthy, my wife and kids are healthy, I am dutifully employed, and we have our extended family and friends near us.