Monster Jam!

Monster Jam!

If you’ve never been to a Monster Jam you’re missing out. I took my four year old son to see one at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati and we had a blast. We got to see Blue Thunder, Monster Mutt, Zombie, Grave Digger, Monster Energy, Soldier of Fortune, Pirate’s Curse, and El Toro. I like how each truck had it’s own theme, of course this helps sell the merch, but in all honesty it was a lot of fun.

Each vehicle had its own schtick. El Toro blew steam out of its nose, Grave Digger did the crazy stunts, and Zombie had these funny arms that bob up and down as it bounced. The show is set up like a real live sports competition, where the audience gets to judge tricks that the monster trucks perform. In between that, the drivers race each other on ATVs and some kind of dune buggy thing, I’m not sure what it was, and winners are based on time. They do all kinds of stuff, and a few did get wrecked. My guess is the competition is as real as professional wrestling, but this is about the spectacle, not the sport.

My son’s favorite was Monster Mutt, or as he called it “the doggy”, and my favorite will always be Grave Digger. “One foot on the gas and one foot in the grave!” We will probably come back next year, and bring a few more of my nephews.

NOTE: It’s important to bring earmuffs as these alcohol burners are really, really loud. Also, it would be awesome to see these trucks in a big arena going nuts. US Bank Arena is small, so it’s hard for them to really let it all out given the space constraints. Evidently they have a “Super Bowl” of sorts in Florida where they bring all of the character trucks and have them do all kinds of crazy stunts. Maybe if we can time that with our spring trip there we’ll catch one.